All Compositions of LEE HAZLEWOOD.

Titles  (CO-)Writers  Interpreters
A bad case of you Sanford Clark
Absent friends Movie soundtrack
A cheat Naomi Ford Sanford Clark/Earls of Suave/The Blue Hawaiians
A fool's blues Jimmy Wilcox, Al Casey Al Casey, Lee Hazlewood
After six Lee Hazlewood
A house safe for tigers Lee Hazlewood
Ain't no freckles on my fish Bob Wilson Bob 'Easy Deal' Wilson & The Easy Dealers
All I ever lost was her love Lee Hazlewood
Amigo, so ist das Leben Carl Ulrich Blecher
A million and one Dean Martin
And I loved you then Lee Hazlewood/Peggy March (as 'Das ist Zauberei')
Angry generation The Woodchucks/Dick Dale/Satan's Cheerleaders
Ann Margaret from Hollywood
An old lullaby Carl-Eric Hjelm,
Anthem Lee Hazlewood
A real live fool Lee Hazlewood/Petr Spálený (as 'Chci jíst')
A rider on a white horse Lee Hazlewood
Arkansas coal (Suite) Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
A stranger in your town Marty Cooper The Shacklefords/The Vanguards/Climax Blues Band
A taste of you Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark
A white people thing Al Casey Lee Hazlewood
Baby baby blue eyes Joey Cooper
Baby's comin' home Connie Conway
Back on the road Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/David Simon Sound Or
Back on the street again Lee Hazlewood
Bad luck Sanford Clark
Baghdad knights Lee Hazlewood
Baja Al Casey/Jack Nitzsche/Laika & The Cosmonauts
Batman Don Cole Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks/The Astronauts
Best move Harry Nilsson
Big red balloon Van Dyke Parks Lee Hazlewood& Nancy Sinatra/Spell (featuring Boyd
Blue ridge The Glaciers
Bo-Dacious The Woodchucks/The Whisk Kids
Bonnie came back Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Boots (original melody) Lee Hazlewood
Boss guitar Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Steve Allen/The De-Fenders/Bill Justis
Bridge of love The Teardrops
Bugles in the afternoon Lee Hazlewood
Bulldog drummin' Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Buying back Lee Hazlewood
By the way (I still love you) Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/Jim Reeves/Cagney
Califia (stone rider) Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
Can it be? Connie Conway
Cannonball Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Hal Blaine/Owen Bradley/Bert Kaempfert
Can't help the way I feel Last Friday's Fire
Can't let her see me cry L.H. (as Mark Robinson)/George Hamilton IV
Caro-Lyn The Shacklefords
Challenger II Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Charlie Bill Nelson Lee Hazlewood
Chico Lee Hazlewood
Child Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
Christina Lee Hazlewood
Chula tu Lalo Guerero
Cold hard times Lee Hazlewood/Joe Cannon
Come down
Come on home to me Lee Hazlewood/Madrugada feat. Neil McNasty
Cottonmouth Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Could this be love A. Stone The Sinners
(They call me) Country Sanford Clark/The Geezinslaw Brothers
Dark in my heart Lee Hazlewood/The Jever Mountain Boys
Debbie do
Desi's drums Dino, Desi & Billy
Deuces, 'T's', roadsters and drums Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Dirtnap stories Lee Hazlewood
Doesn't anybody know my name? Marty Cooper Billy Strange
Dolly and Hawkeye Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra
Dolly Parton's guitar Lee Hazlewood
Don't care Sanford Clark
Don't look now but I got the blues B.B. King
Don't take no prisoners
Drinkin' Kölsch in Cologne Lee Hazlewood
Duane's stroll Duane Eddy The Keymen
East Side story Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Easy and me Lee Hazlewood/Kathryn Williams
El águila (The eagle) Al Casey/The Astronauts
Elusive dream
Everybody calls me something Lee Hazlewood
Everytime I ask my heart Leroy Van Dyke
Far away from the sun The Astronauts
Fata morgana
Feathers Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark
First love, first tears Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Ry Cooder
First street blues Lee Hazlewood/The Shacklefords/Bobby Bright
Five more miles to Folsom Lee Hazlewood/Doug Hardin
Five o o one
Five o o one
For a day like today Suzi Jane Hokom
Forget Marie Lee Hazlewood/Orange Baboons (as 'Marie')
For my birthday (A pear or apple or a blue Jaguar) Lee Hazlewood
For one moment Lee Hazlewood/Marc Almond
Fort Worth Lee Hazlewood
Four bell love alarm
Four kinds of lonely Lee Hazlewood/Joe Dassin (as 'Comme la lune')
Fred Freud Lee Hazlewood
Friday's child Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/The 1929 C.B./Billie
Friendship train Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/David Simon Sound
Fuzz Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Gear jammin' man
Give me some of yours Naomi Ford Jimmy Spellman
Gloria (You're only a dream) Chuck Lay Buddy Holiday
Go die big city Lee Hazlewood
Golden bells Marty Cooper The Shacklefords
Goodbye to Phaedra
Got it together Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/David Simon Sound
Guess it's love Sanford Clark
Guess I've been holding on Tom Parsons Lee Hazlewood & Anna Hanski/Lee Hazlewood
Guitar man Al Casey Al Casey
Guitar man (Dance with the) Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Shelby/Burt Blanca/The Challengers
Guitar on my mind Duane Eddy/Alenka Pinteric (as 'On je taj fant
Guitars, guitars, guitars Al Casey
Gypsies and Indians Lee Hazlewood & Anna Hanski/Lee Hazlewood
Hands Lee Hazlewood/Danny Michaels
Happy Nancy Sinatra/Babitsin Kirka
Have love, will travel The Sharps/Bill Kirchen
Have you made any new bombs
Hawaii 1963 Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Help, I'm in trouble Antony Genn
Here's your heart Marshall Leib The Ikettes with Ike & Tina Revue
Hey cowboy Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell
Hey little mama The Barker Brothers
Hey, me I'm riding Lee Hazlewood/Joe Cannon
Honey girl Al Casey
Houston Lee Hazlewood/Dean Martin/Duane Eddy/Sanford Clark
How about me pretty baby?
How come I love you so much? Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
How does that grab you, The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band
How will I know Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/Vráta Vyskocil
I ain't gonna be Lee Hazlewood
I am a part Lee Hazlewood
I am, you are Lee Hazlewood
I can't help the way I feel Last Friday's Fire
I'd rather be your enemy Lee Hazlewood/Boyd Rice and Friends
I feel the blues
If it didn't know any better
If things don't start pickin'up Molly Bee
I gotta get out of this town Nancy Sinatra
I had a friend Lee Hazlewood
I'll live yesterdays Lee Hazlewood
I lost her to him
I'm afraid you'll hurt me Marshall Leib
I'm glad I never Lee Hazlewood/The Jesus & Mary Chain/Lambchop
I'm gonna fly Lee Hazlewood
I'm in trouble Cook, Genn, Shields
I might break even Lee Hazlewood
I move around Lee Hazlewood/The Fenways/Nancy Sinatra
I'm old enough now George Motola
In our time Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band Ronnie Dove
Is making a little love out Tom Parsons Lee Hazlewood & Anna Hanski/Lee Hazlewood
It hurts me too Lester Sill Sanford Clark
It's your world
I've been down so long
(It looks like up to me) Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/David Simon Sound
Johnny October The Challengers
José Lee Hazlewood/Jirí Grossmann
Joshin' Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Juice Jimmy Wilcox, Al Casey Al Casey
June mountain The Glaciers
Just bluesin' Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark
Just outside of love
Just two blocks from heaven
Keep talking (= Night beat) Al Casey Al Casey
Kiss of love Don Cole
Kissin' frogs Tommy Parsons
Kommotion Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Lady bird Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood
L.A. lady Lee Hazlewood
Lars Gunnar and me Lee Hazlewood
Las Vegas Movie soundtrack
Leather and lace Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell
Leave my dog alone Nancy Sinatra/The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie
Letter's Doug Hardin
Lies, trouble and love J. Carriere The Fabulous Little Joe
Lightning's girl Nancy Sinatra
Little miss sunshine (little miss rain) Lee Hazlewood
Little war Lee Hazlewood/Suzi Jane Hokom
Livin' for your lovin' Ronnie Dove
Lonely boy, lonely guitar Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Lonely me, lucky him
Lone ranger ain't my friend anymore Lee Hazlewood
Long black train Lee Hazlewood/Darron Lee (= Billy 'Lee' Riley)
Long John Ray Sharpe
Look at me! The Sharps
Look at that woman Lee Hazlewood/Gallon Drunk
(It) Looks like it's gonna be my year Joey Cooper Joey Cooper
Lost on the wrong road Lee Hazlewood & Al Casey
Love and other crimes Lee Hazlewood/Orange Baboons/David Simon
Love eyes Nancy Sinatra/Michèle Torr (as 'Regarde')
Love (is you) Joey Cooper Joey Cooper/Danny Warner
(She wants a) Lover man Naomi Ford Jimmy Spellman/Jerry Demar
Loving you, loving me Lee Hazlewood/Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
Mannford, Oklahoma Lee Hazlewood
Mason Dixon Lion Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Bert Kaempfert
Me and Charlie Lee Hazlewood
Moochie LaDeux Lee Hazlewood
Moovin' 'n' groovin' Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/The Challengers/The Hi Hats/The Rhythm
Moovin' 'n' groovin' twist Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Movin' The Astronauts/Satan's Pilgrims
Movin' on
Movin' with Nancy (cues)
Most call it love
Muddy muddy river The Shacklefords/Les Nanas (as 'Pauvre Buddy
Must have been something I loved Lee Hazlewood
Mutiny on the bongos Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
My autumn's done come Lee Hazlewood/Tindersticks/Hooverphonic/Air
My baby cried all night long Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/Sterk Naken og
My baby plays the same old song on his guitar all night long Duane Eddy
My Finland Lee Hazlewood & Anna Hanski
My name is Jimmy Brown
Nancy and me Lee Hazlewood
Naomi Scamps
Nashville coupe Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Need all the help I can get Suzi Jane Hokom/The Kitchen Cinq
New kind of fool Sanford Clark
Night beat (= Keep talking) Al Casey Al Casey
Nobody like you Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
Nobody loves you like-a-me The Four Holidays
No escape from loving you Naomi Ford Jimmy Spellman
No tears tonight
Nothing Claudia Stülpner Lee Hazlewood & Lula
Nothing is forever Connie Conway
No train to Stockholm Lee Hazlewood/Erlend Øye
Not the lovin' kind Lee Hazlewood/Duane Eddy/Dino, Desi & Billy
Oh what a dream Donnie Owens
One heart Leroy Van Dyke
One hundred years Nancy Sinatra
Only child Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Ooo baby Sanford Clark
Our little boy blue Marty Cooper Lee Hazlewood/The Shacklefords
Pack saddle saloon Tom Parsons Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
Paris summer Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/David Simon Sound
Pavement princess
Peculiar guy Lee Hazlewood
Peppermint morning Rabbit
Phillzie's friend Hal Blaine Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
Pocket book song Landrew Smith, Percy Terry Leroy Van Dyke
Pop the chute Lee Hazlewood/Petr Spálený (as 'K tvým nohám')
Pray them bars away Lee Hazlewood/Some Velvet Morning
Pretty Jane Lee Hazlewood (as Mark Robinson)
Puddin' Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Punjab Connie Conway S. & H. Scamps
Puss 'n' boots (These boots are made for walkin') Kon Kan
Quiniela Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Rainbow woman Lee Hazlewood
Rebel rouser Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Steve Allen/The Avalons/Bill Black's
Rebel rouser twist Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Rebel walk Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Restless Jack Lane
Riley's groove
Rockin' rock and roll Nancy Sinatra
Rosacoke street Lee Hazlewood/Orange Baboons/David Simon Sound
Rough road Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark/Jack Cook/Jeff & John
Run boy run Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark/Jack Cook/Jeff & John
Sacrifice Tommy Parsons Lee Hazlewood
Salty Tony Castle & The Raiders
Sally's café
Sand Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom/Lee Hazlewood
Sand hill Anna and the Russian mouse Lee Hazlewood
Sassy Johnny Rogers 'Frantic' Johnny Rogers
Save a place for me (renamed 'Tracy's song' or 'Find a place')
Save your vote for Clarence
Mudd Lee Hazlewood
See the little children Nancy Sinatra/David Simon Sound Orchestra
Shades Lee Hazlewood/Dean Martin/Sanford Clark
Shazam! Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Bill Baron/Svein Finjarn/Jet Harris
She comes running Lee Hazlewood/Waylon Jennings/Orange Baboons
She gotta shake Al Casey Al Casey
She rode it Al Casey Lee Hazlewood
She's different Duane Eddy
She's gonna break some heart tonight Tommy Parsons Tommy Parsons
She's my woman
She's something somebody oughta see Bob Wilson Bob 'Easy Deal' Wilson & The Easy Dealers
She taught me Sanford Clark
Sing 'em some blues Sanford Clark
Six feet of chain Lee Hazlewood/Cagney and Lacee
Slalom The Glaciers
Sleep in the grass Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret/Johnny Dowd
Sleepy Joe's
Smoke's theme Movie soundtrack
Snake eyed mama Movie soundtrack
Snow bowl The Glaciers
Sock me Choo Choo Movie soundtrack title
Soda fountain girl Jimmy & Duane (with Buddy Long
So long, babe Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/The 98% American Mom
Some kind-a earthquake Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Bud Ashton/The Rebels
Sometimes Bill Anderson & Mary Lou Turner
Some velvet morning Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
Son of a gun Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark
Souls island Lee Hazlewood/The Amazing Pilots
South Phoenix Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Spaced cowboy
Speedway (cues)
Stalkin' Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Flat Duo Jets/Danny Morris
Still as the night Sanford Clark
Stone cold blues Lee Hazlewood
Stone lost child Lee Hazlewood
Stormy (came to town) Donnie Owens
Strangers, lovers, friends Lee Hazlewood/Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
Stretchin' out Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Suddenly Tennessee Lee Hazlewood
Sugar baby
Sugar town The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band
Summer night Lee Hazlewood
Summer wine Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood
Sundown (come back) Lee Hazlewood
Sundown, sundown Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra/The Usual
Surfin' hootenanny Al Casey
Surfs you right Al Casey/Laika & The Cosmonauts/The Astronauts
Suzi Jane is back in town Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
Swampin' Steve Douglas
Sweet lovin' honey Don Cole
Sweet Mollye (life can be so cruel) The Shacklefords
Sweet ride Dusty Springfield
Sweet you
T.A. blues (= (Got theTeenage blues) Ray Sharpe
(Got the) Teenage blues (= T.A. blues) Al Casey
Tears me up
Ten or eleven towns ago Lee Hazlewood
That old freight train Lee Hazlewood/The Shacklefords/Vráta Vyskocil
That's been done before Tom Parsons Lee Hazlewood & Anna Hanski/Lee Hazlewood
That wonderful thing
The big town
The battle Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
(There goes) The big boss man Marty Cooper The Shacklefords
The city never sleeps at night Nancy Sinatra/The Shacklefords
The cool ones (cues)
The desert rat Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
The dip Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
The drummer plays for me Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
The feud Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
The fool Naomi Ford Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark
The girl on death row Lee Hazlewood/Sanford Clark/Tindersticks
The girls in Paris Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom/Helmut Zacharias
The hearse Al Casey/The Astronauts/Impala/Treblemakers
The iguana Duane Eddy
The last minute of innocence Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
The last of the secret agents? Nancy Sinatra/Letters to Cleo/Nightcaps
The Lee Hazlewood autobiography Lee Hazlewood
The loneliest girl in the world Donnie Owens
The lonely crowd S. & H. Scamps
The lonely one Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/The Ventures/Hans Brandel (as 'Allein')
The man who made an angel cry Sanford Clark
Them girls Lee Hazlewood
The Nashville piano man
Then I found you
The nights Lee Hazlewood
The Nomads
The old man and his guitar Lee Hazlewood
The performer Lee Hazlewood
The phantom driver Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars
The pink panther Naomi Ford Al Casey/The Tads
The quiet three Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
The railroad Lee Hazlewood/St. Thomas
The rebel kind Dino, Desi & Billy/The Chicks
There's no one Doug Hardin
The restless pack Duane Eddy
These boots are made for wal- Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra
The secret seven Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
The stinger Al Casey Al Casey
The walker Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
The walkin' shoes ballad
The wild westerner Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Think I'm coming down Lee Hazlewood/Cheater Slicks
This town Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra/Frank Sinatra
Those golden bells Marty Cooper
Three-30-blues Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Steve Bledsoe & The Blue Jays
3625 Groovy street The Wildcats
Tiger love and turnip greens Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/Too Slim & The Taildraggers
Tippy toes Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
T.O.M. (The old man) Al Casey Lee Hazlewood
Toocie and the river Lee Hazlewood/Joe Cannon
Tony Rome Nancy Sinatra
Tulsa Sunday Lee Hazlewood
Trouble is a lonesome town Lee Hazlewood
Trouble is a lonesome town Lee Hazlewood
Twelve feet high The Hondas
Ugly brown Lee Hazlewood
Up and down (The raid) Al Casey Duane Eddy
Usta be my baby Sanford Clark
Vem kan segla (I can sail without the wind) Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell
Wait and see Lee Hazlewood/Orange Baboons
Walkin' shoes Buddy Holiday
Want me Lee Hazlewood (as Mark Robinson)
We all make the flowers grow Lee Hazlewood/Snog/Stephen Jones & Luke Scott
What are we gonna do in '64 Al Casey/The Wildcats
What is she thinking of Last Friday's Fire
When a fool loves a fool Lee Hazlewood
When we're talked about tomorrow Colleen Lanza
White people thing Al Casey Lee Hazlewood
Why did I choose you Sanford Clark/Pat Boone
Willa Mae Al Casey Al Casey/Eddie Cochran
Wind, sky, sea and sand Lee Hazlewood
Winter moon
Won't you tell your dreams Lee Hazlewood
Words mean nothing Duane Eddy Lee Hazlewood
Yep! Duane Eddy Duane Eddy/The De-Fenders/The Lively Ones
You can't stay here
You look like a lady Lee Hazlewood/Joe Cannon
You'll never have my love so true Marty Cooper The Shacklefords
Your baby's gone surfin' Duane Eddy Duane Eddy
Your groovy self Nancy Sinatra
Your love is gone
Your sweet love Lee Hazlewood
Your thunder and your lightning Lee Hazlewood
You turned my head around Ann-Margret/Dean & Britta
Zapata Jack Nitzsche

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